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Serum Institute, which notched a revenue of Rs 3, crore, the highest among Indian biotech companies in FY15, posted a growth of more than per cent during What he is dead against is an IPO.

He happily returned home to Pune at the age of But then, I had a few nasty falls.

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Such endeavours indeed ensure that our values are cherished and celebrated on a much-needed scale and platform. In , Serum Institute will launch rotavaccine, or rotavirus vaccine, which prevents diarrhoea among babies and small children. Six large columns support the elevated front lobby which has striking orange Italian marble flooring. His wife Natasha helps him in this endeavour. The significance of this data point gets magnified when one considers that the vaccines it sells are at a far lower price than its competitors such as GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis and LG Life Sciences. While in London, he took a few courses in biotechnology and management, but higher education was not his cup of tea. That triggered an interest in him for doing good for others. Some Flawed Moves Serum, though a zero-debt company today, has gone wrong on a couple of investment decisions in the past. You can buy our tablet version from Magzter. Adar keeps these at his house in Mumbai, where he normally spends his weekends. When we got back, we named our new horse Rhine Forest.

He was just 20 then. Now Adar Poonawalla is boldly changing course. When billionaire Yohan Poonawalla showed off his Mercedes in Mumbai A few nasty falls have made Yohan Poonawalla aware of the perils of horse riding. He says his point of view and style of functioning, although a little different from his father who believed in micro-management and looking into every detail, are more or less in the same line.

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Serum is yet to respond to an interview request from Quartz.

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