Writing about fictional characters myers

writing about fictional characters myers

One way that ENTJs can do this is by growing their co-pilot Introverted Intuition and using it to see things from various perspectives rather than adopting a hard-line stance on every issue.

INFJ's make great counselors and listeners, yet have strong opinions, and tend to be more idealistic than other personality types, and therefore, are often crushed when they find that the world is less than a loving, kind and helpful place. Lisbeth also makes decisions in a way that INTJs find relatable — logically and with long-term consequences in mind.

Quote from of Death Note Season 1, episode 30 Many can, however, relate to the systematic way he pursues goals and his ability to persuade other people that his cause is just.

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They are not intended to be used as complete copy and paste characters, as nobody neatly fits into one of twelve or so categories. He is quick and strategic in his decision-making abilities and can quickly take command of others for the better good.

All three of the main characters in Hidden Figures are Thinking types.

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Harvey never crosses his own moral line.

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Write Fictional Characters as Complex & Realistic as You Are