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His insightful scheduling led to a Conducted Command Indoctrination for 96 Sailors.

sailor 360 eval bullets

Provided comprehensive rate training for two Sailors, directly contributing to their advancement. Be as specific as possible.

Navy chief eval bullets

Squeezing an entire year of performance into a mere 16 lines is a challenge but if you break down the task into its basic parts, it makes the job logical, less subjective, and easier. Contributed to the processing of maintenance actions, resulting in a 97 percent repair rate. This resulted in the Tactical Operations Center, support facilities, and launch and recovery site becoming fully mission capable within seven days after arriving in Tikrit. Strongly recommended for advancement. Devoted 25 off-duty hours to the development and maintenance of FRC Mid-Atlantic Oceana's command website, enabling information access to 1, military and civilian employees. Chosen over peers to perform duties as flight line coordinator, a billet normally assigned to a Chief Petty Officer, which he performed flawlessly. Devoted 20 off-duty hours as Habitat for Humanity Team Leader, contributing to the construction of two homes for qualifying local families. An active, dedicated CMEO, led by example and encouraged equal treatment of and opportunity for all Navy members. Collected and processed 4, urinalysis samples, ensuring percent compliance with the Navy's drug testing program. Accomplishments As stated above, the goal of the Eval is to accurately and fully describe performance. Performed Quality Assurance final inspections with zero items returned for rework. The ratio of the number of lines devoted to accomplishments to the number of lines set aside for the introduction give you an idea of the importance the Navy places on technical skill and ability.

The things that all of us do every day are essential to the continued success of the Navy. Ranked 1 of 5 outstanding Petty Officers! Coordinated the initial review and submission of 40 Personnel Security Investigation PSI packages, ensuring all Sailors requiring a clearance sustained uninterrupted continuity with zero revocation.

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As a rule of thumb, if you had any part in an achievement, from documenting it in a log to turning a wrench, you can claim it. In addition, he coaches 30 young kids for the local LWYA football seniors for the third consecutive year.

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Effectively led and mentored 40 Sailors and one civilian in assisting 10 providers in the delivery of quality health care to over 5, Active Duty throughout tenant commands.

Displays unparalleled administrative expertise and leadership skills.

Mwr eval bullets

Extremely reliable and hard-charging Sailor. Directed six Sailors in performing daily administrative duties, resulting in the accurate management of Division Officer records and the timely processing of 1, correspondence items. Motivated Sailor who accepts any task and produces quality results. The introduction is where this is done. So, in addition to describing a person's professional and technical skills, we need a way to convey to the EVAL's reader his social skills, his integrity, his character, his loyalty and other qualities which are not apparent when merely reading a list of accomplishments. That annual eval is the single biggest factor in whether you get promoted or not and affects your chances for promotion, your assignment options, training opportunities, and your entire future in the military. Engaged in all facets of CPO! Select NOW to any, and all, commission programs!
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Navy EVAL Bullet Examples