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It deals with all animals with backbones and studies individual species of wildlife, their habitats, and surrounding ecosystems Fitzgerald. Freshwater fish taxa in California are going extinct at a rate of about one every five years.

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A slight insects are harmed and disturbed. Wildlife plays a vital role in this fragile ecosystem and without wildlife the human race would not survive. Though not always the case, certain species are under threat because they have very low genetic diversity. This alarming number could be reduced dramatically for the efforts of water conserving and lower water bill prices for families and subsequently saving money that could be used for other expenses. That is why the conservation of wildlife is important to maintain the balance of our ecosystem. There's a wide range of toxic chemicals so there's also a wide range of negative health effects. A center full of people caring for injured wildlife can also be a visible symbol of a disaster and help arouse sympathy for stronger environmental protection. Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting endangered plant and animal speciesand their habitats. This comment form is under antispam protection This comment form is under antispam protection This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What they do is every bit as dramatic as what happens with birds and mammals, just on a smaller scale. Get Essay The science of extinction. All the organizations have web sites which you can check for updated information. Legal organizations. The birds maintain the balance in the growth of the population of insects.

The sub-continent with its varied geographical spread from the Himalayas in the north to the Cauvery basin in the south and the Kutch region in the west to the plains of Assam in East present a diverse range of environmental conditions for some of the most magnificent as well as the rarest wildlife species of the world in India to exist.

Essay on Wildlife Conservation in India Wildlife conservation Essay in 50 Words Wildlife conservation means the practice of protecting wildlife; wild plants, animals etc.

Like all such future-oriented efforts, the NAS is greatly underfunded, so it often needs volunteers to help out with management and groups of people to help in maintenance chores.

Wild life conservation essay

In most cases, aquarium fishes released to the wild do not make it; they either get eaten by a predator or they die when the water gets too cold or too hot. Doing this will also reduce the probability that fox, coyotes, and other animals will catch some disease your pet carries and vice versa. Though the Government of India is taking steps to protect Wildlife, the integral heritage of India, every citizen of India must think it to be his duty to protect wildlife. Get Essay The science of extinction. High genetic diversity increases survival because it means greater capacity to adapt to future environmental changes. Try to exercise your dog as much as possible in non-wild areas, preferably in park areas designated for that purpose. Toxic chemicals: There are many sources of toxic chemical pollution including industrial wastewater, oil spills, and pesticides. The use of off-road vehicles, especially on public lands, has been expanding exponentially, thanks in good part to campaigns by the vehicle manufacturers. Deserts and areas subject to desertification. Los Angeles grew, for example, partly at the expense of farms in the Owens Valley, when the Owens River was captured and sent west through an aqueduct. The Jepson Prairie Reserve and Cold Canyon also have docent programs, for volunteers to lead tours when the wildflowers are in bloom. It has a northern California office which is very active. An active effort is made by the US military and workers to maintain this rare habitat used by red-cockaded woodpeckers.

Even when an area isn't made into a park or reserve, it can still be monitored and maintained. The main problems with pet birds and reptiles from a wildlife perspective are 1 the demand for exotic species caught in the wild and 2 the escape of species likely to become pests in the wild or competitors with native species.

Those are nothing but the only superstition. Animals are killed to fulfill those blind beliefs.

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Wildlife Conservation Essay Example