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Employed again, Maathai poured her efforts into the Green Belt Movement. Important: Depending on your status, write the following in your email subject line: Essay Competition undergrad or Essay Competition grad.

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Despite all this, her protests, the government's response — and the media coverage it garnered — led foreign investors to cancel the project in January She was involved with the Legion of Marywhose members attempted "to serve God by serving fellow human beings.

On 12 December, in Uhuru Park, during a speech celebrating independence from the British, President Moi suggested Maathai be a proper woman in the African tradition and respect men and be quiet. That beauty is not something you see but feel and should seek, that we must first claim selfhood in order to serve others better and that something as simple as planting a tree can help thousands.

Do not put your name, email, or course information on the title page. The place in the park where she demonstrated became known as "Freedom Corner. She completed her dissertation on the development and differentiation of gonads in bovines.

The essay contest is therefore intended to encourage, in the spirit of Dr. Her father remained at the farm. Maathai and her organization staged a protest in Nairobi's Uhuru Park to prevent the construction of a skyscraper. He designates that in fact it is quite interesting to live when you see beauty through your eyes.

The news hit me like a thunderbolt.

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Wangari Maathai