To what extent does the mcdonaldization

To what extent does the mcdonaldization

The Case Against McDonald's I want to mobilize a variety of perspectives in this section to criticize the McDonald's corporation and its product. The scanners are replacing the checkers, but they also allow for more control over the customer; prices are no longer on the items we buy so we have less ability to oversee our spending and the accuracy of the store's charges. I will first discuss how Ritzer theorizes McDonaldization, focusing on his mode of social analysis and will argue that Ritzer fails to adequately explicate its cultural dimensions. Visser, ; in Ritzer, Microwavable foods and fast-food restaurants allow us to eat what we want, when we want it. Thus, the once revered, esoteric and elite medical practitioner is reduced to little more than a pre-programmed robot awaiting a production line of anonymous patients. Ritzer is to be commended for taking on a popular part of American and now global culture like McDonald's and generating a critical discussion. Even though this may not be too harmful in the case of hamburgers and fries, the spread of an attitude like this will in the case of the majority of industries of necessity lead to depersonalisation of both customers and workers. In general it must be said that many of the moves towards standardisation in industry, as well as control, defined as the substitution of non-human technology for human, have received a major impetus from developments in electronic data processing and communication. Nevertheless, this is exactly what the process of quantification, what with grade point averages and the ranking of institutions, point at. Bolton, S. Computer graded exams will be used more frequently than written essay exams to make it more efficient for the instructors. Exactly so many patties have to come from a pound of meat, the buns must be of a certain exact size and the patties again have to have a certain limited fat content so that, after being cooked, it will still have a larger diameter than the buns, the fries must be of a certain thickness and the bags must never be too full or too empty.

Volume One. The ritual of cooking, eating together, and sharing is fading from the American family.

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While Ritzer applies the McDonaldization model to production and consumption, he largely emphasizes consumption and thus downplays the ways that McDonaldization has revolutionized production -- despite some references to Taylorism and Fordism Ritzer, passim.

Indeed, we become servants, celebrants and evangelists of rationalisation, building temples in its name e. Its moves towards having a finger in just about every facet of the industry and its products, totally smacks of trying to control the user in every way.

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Blackwell Publishing: Oxford. They are in the suburbs, the central cities, the malls, our schools and military bases, our hospitals and airports, even our airplanes and ballparks. It is difficult to look at the role that Microsoft is playing at the moment and not to think of it as the McDonald's of the computer world. Globalizing surveillance: comparative and sociological perspectives. Polity Press: Cambridge Boyd, C. However, this paper pays tribute to one particular sociologist, Max Weber , whose thoughts and concepts remain pivotal to our understanding of society today. With 28 grams of fat, The Age of Migration. While Ritzer's strong Weberian perspective calls attention to and illuminates key elements of what he calls the McDonaldization of society, I have proposed that adding other perspectives produces a fuller grasp of the McDonaldization phenomenon, thus supplementing Ritzer's analysis and critique. Thus, normative prescriptions of ideal body weight were often construed as dangerously low, e. McDonaldization, Social Theory, and Cultural Studies The McDonald's fast-food restaurants certainly provide a useful example of a familiar sociological artifact that can be analyzed to generate a more general and macro level of conceptualization. Our lives are structured and controlled; we go through the motions on auto-pilot. Yale University Press: London. Ritzer is aware of the globalization of McDonald's and notes how it varies its product, architecture, and atmosphere to local conditions, but does not adequately analyze the different meanings, social functions, and experiences McDonald's generates in a variety of local conditions. Ritzer finds its roots in the whole phenomenon of bureaucratisation, as well as in the idea of scientific management and naturally in twentieth century industry's assembly line.

The Theory of Communicative Action. Dutifully follow the instructions to assemble Ikea furniture? My primary fields of expertise are Psychology, Sociology and Research both qualitative and quantitative strandsthough I have considerable knowledge in Politics, Economics, History and Philosophy — this allows me to pull on a variety of sources when compiling a piece of work.

There are times when one wants what Ritzer calls McDonaldization, when efficiency and various modes of instrumental rationality are particularly beneficial and when one desires to avoid their opposite. Since McDonald's has grown to over 31, outlets worldwide The Sociological Imagination.

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In analyzing a complex phenomenon like McDonaldization, it is important to focus on both production and consumption, grasping both the modern dimension of rationalized production and consumption, and the postmodern cultural dimension of hyperreal and hybridized consumption.

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