The life lessons taught by full house an american sitcom

Their imperfections were mirrored in my own family, and served as a reminder that real life isn't supposed to be like The Waltons. Of course, by the time the end credits rolled, D. ABC loved the pitch and ordered a script the next day.

Unlike the super sensible D. All they want to do is say the negative about you or a situation. This episode teaches viewers to never lie or go behind anybody's back, because, in the end, you'll always have to face the consequences of your actions.

Sometimes You Do Get Second Chances Video Jerks on YouTube The two divorced parents making a family together plot of Step by Step wasn't exactly original, but it still stood out in a sea of traditional sitcom families and showed that life does offer second chances when things don't work out the first time around.

No cell phones, no computers, just big shoulder pads and big mullets everywhere you look. But as time went on, our cast grew closer.

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12 Life Lessons From 'Full House'