The historical context of frankenstein english literature essay

frankenstein romanticism context

Mary Shelley spends the least time describing the education of women, but as with the male characters whose stories we will hear in more detail, she repeats one version of female upbringing. Much like the proletariat is "created" by the bourgeoisie, the monster is established by Frankenstein.

The good writer teaches the child to become a man; the bad and indifferent best understand the reverse art of making a man a child" qtd. Although Henry dismisses the brain's criminality by claiming that it is just tissue, the brain functions as the equivalent to Mary Shelley's long story of social experience in conflict with reading.

Similarly, Victor runs from his creation when the monster involves life and comes toward him. Symbols of the ideal merger of gender and class identity, women's vulnerabilities to men's misconduct reflect cultural anxieties about social order and the education of bourgeois and working-class boys.

I found myself similar, yet at the same time strangely unlike to the beings concerning whom I read These changes reflect significant differences in the way that early nineteenth--and early twentieth-century Anglo-American culture understood human personality and the power to shape it.

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Marxism Concepts In Frankenstein British Literature Essay