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An Intellectual Portrait New York, Alice H. In these conditions policies of technological and social stagnation could persist. Mortality and Living Standards in Europe and Asiaed.

No doubt quantitative exercises in national accountancy designed to measure the macro-economic significance of transatlantic commerce for either the development of Europe as a whole, or even for particular countries such as the Netherlands or Britain, most persistently and profitably involved with expansion overseas are fraught with conceptual and statistical difficulties.

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Such debates will probably never be resolved with much precision, given the unreliability of the evidence. Their connexions to the maintenance and extension of benefits from long established patterns of intra-European trade, to the foundation of new food processing industries, to geopolitical rivalry and state formation, to the growth in the wealth and powers of merchant oligarchies, to the rise of maritime cities, to changes in science, technology and the arts; indeed to almost all aspects of European economic, political and urban life have been elaborated in numerous histories of sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa, maize, rice, tobacco, tropical fruit.

In mines in the arid northwest of China, ventilation to prevent explosions was much more difficult.

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Ten Years of Debate on the Origins of the Great Divergence