The different views between alexander hamilton and thomas jefferson on the new government

Jefferson December 29, by Ando hamjeff. Hamilton had powerful allies, including George Washington and James Madison, although Madison later questioned a too-powerful federal government and came to oppose Hamilton. Related Articles.

jefferson vs hamilton

He believed the threat of tyranny was ever-present in a strong central government. Prior to the founding of the University of Virginia, university curriculums were more aristocratic, according to Gutzman. Both men had a strong impact on America today, yet one more than the other. There were many who wished to repudiate the Confederation's national debt or pay only part of it.

While Hamilton distrusted popular will and believed that the federal government should wield considerable power in order steer a successful course, Jefferson placed his trust in the people as governors.

In addition, he says the Louisiana Purchase orchestrated by Jefferson is the primary reason that America became a trans-continental country, which allowed it to eventually become an economic, military and diplomatic superpower. Jefferson and Hamilton had two separate and different lifestyles and views of the government.

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Essay about Jefferson vs. Hamilton on Views of Government