The best advice ever given

If you find someone who has the results you want, then you need to do what they are doing. A little love will get you through just about anything.

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Everyone loves to be noticed. Well, for one thing, you become smarter! Remember the human touch. So give your work your all.

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By The Oracles July 20, 0 Mentors reduce your learning curve by years through mastering the best of wiser, more experienced role models. Additionally, integrity and character will always matter if your goal is to build real and trusting relationships.

Your people skills, leaderships skills, your attitude and ability to handle difficult situations, creativity and problem solving, amongst others. So, to make lasting change in our lives, we need to first change what we believe about ourselves and how we think. Live in days.

Sometimes it's good and other times it's just plain horrible.

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What Is The Best Advice You Have Ever Received? Our Community Speaks.