Techniques for writing a personal narrative ppt

The only problem was that the temperature outside was three degrees below zero and I was dressed only in my pajamas. Include important details so that the reader can experience this incident with you.

First, you gather primary ingredients and prepare them according to a basic recipe. What were they doing and saying?

elements of personal narrative ppt

I sat there on the sofa with a cast on my leg and wondered how I got there. Select details that are important to retelling the story.

personal narrative examples

Start at the end…then flash back to the story. The setting is where the story takes place, and the conflict is the main problem that really gets the action under way.

personal narrative characteristics

Consider an Ending Decide how you want your story to end. Make sure that your ending is believable within the context of your story. At this point, the main character comes face-to-face with his or her problem.

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Personal Narratives