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Nakamura- the personality: Ina young Mr. Phil Rose, V.

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The important caveat is that you should examine the possible effects if the assumptions you have made prove to be false. He saw an opportunity to cater to a new market of America, i. They are the bones of the case around which everything else is built. We would like to thank all those organisations, whether named or disguised, for their help with the preparation of the material used in this book. The market for lacquerware in Japan seemed to have matured, with the production steady at , pieces a year. For the purpose of teaching and learning, we have had to divide the body of knowledge on operations management into convenient chunks. Even when the decision seems clearly defined, it is worthwhile spending some time analysing the information in the case. To make life easier for teachers and students we have gathered together, in this one volume, a collection of case studies which we and our colleagues use in our teaching. You should also test out your arguments against the material in the case to ensure that the evidence supports your conclusions. When there is a clear gap or hole in the data in the case study, it may be necessary to make an assumption which, as far as you can tell, seems reasonable in the context being described.

Some of our colleagues kindly provided some of their own cases to deal with areas which were not previously covered, such as operations strategy, interactive design, simultaneous engineering, supply chain reengineering, performance measurement, and TPM, for example.

This is a serious mistake. How much of the work is done by machines as opposed to human beings? Just ask some simple questions.

M Evaluation of Options: Reject both: This option would not meet the primary criterion of profit maximization.

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Most importantly, this book will give you the opportunity, in a safe environment, to experiment with the situations they face — giving you the chance to assess, analyse and evaluate the situation they are in and make recommendations. It will provide you with information from over 50 different organisations, in many different sectors, from several different countries, and will give you some fascinating insights into what operations managers actually do and how they work, as well as the issues they face. Nakamura took over his family business. In some ways this is a weaker form of inference. However, Nakamura would have no presence in the U. Further, the objective of growth would also not be met. The second offer was from Sammelback, Sammelback and Whittacker henceforth SSW , Chicago, the largest supplier of hotel and restaurant supplies in the U. You cannot understand the excitement of playing sport from a book; you have to do it. Further, it would be competing on its own brand name. This case examines the organizational structure and operational decisions that allowed Nissan Motor Company to recover from the disaster more rapidly than its peers. How big is the technology? It also outlines the key activities involved in designing the process of delivery, the use of technology and job design. Operations management cases also often involve technology. Understand objectives and context Unless you know what the organisation described in the case study is trying to do, it is difficult to judge the nature of the problems it faces and, just as important, how the managers in the organisation might view things.

This part outlines some of the key planning and control activities, including the planning and control of capacity, inventory, just in time and kaizen. In this sense the offer is risky.

operation management case study with answers

This is the creative part of the whole process. Every effort has been made by the publisher to obtain permission from the appropriate source to reproduce material which appears in this book. This third edition of our case book contains an expanded and updated collection of over 50 cases.

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Part 4 Planning and control Operations planning and control is a central, substantial and critical operations task. The Semmelback offer: The second offer was from Mr. Quest was the leading provider of diagnostic services and solutions in the United States. Four years later, when the Occupation Army left in , Nakamura employed several thousand men, and produced , pieces of lacquers tableware each year for the Japanese mass consumer market. Consider starting the session by agreeing the amount of time you will spend on each part. How integrated or connected is the technology? Acceptability is best judged in two ways. The introduction to this book deals with some issues concerning how to study operations management using cases and how to analyse case studies. For many of them we have been allowed to share with you the name of that organisation. Harrison, A. The cases cover a wide variety of operations management issues in many different settings.

Operations management cases also often involve technology. Determine the options Having spent some time breaking down the situation into its various elements analysisthere comes a time to put it all back together synthesis.

Solved case study on operations management with answers
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