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The mortality rate of Services MSMEs is high as the accumulation of these four problems turns into existential crises. This is a highly diversified sector, including services like house maids to neurosurgeons.

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It has shown impressive growth for the last few years, with a compound annual growth rate of 8. Many have argued that while services may provide growthlow-cost manufacturing alone can provide adequate employment.

Indians are undergoing a distinct change. A new breed of young start ups has clearly evolved to become the third largest base of technology start ups in the world. The numbers are showing that India is increasingly becoming an attractive investment destination.

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E-commerce is playing a huge role here. It may come as surprise that the primary driver of the sustained high growth of India's GDP is enabled by the likes of First Konzept, Vivahaa Caterers and Evergreen Modular and not from big companies like Bajaj. These are among the important policy questions today. Not only is the Services sector the largest contributor to the Indian economy, it has also been the fastest growing among the three. A new breed of young start ups has clearly evolved to become the third largest base of technology start ups in the world. Lack of Capital: Since most service MSMEs do not have hard assets, they do not qualify for sizable credit lines to invest for growth. It may be difficult to train large numbers of workers for highly-skilled jobs in services but it should be possible to train them for lower-skilled jobs in services. In it grew by Abundant labour and knowledge contributed to most hi-tech industries.

Much of the rapid growth since is from a low base. Only about a quarter of services growth is due to outsourcing by industry. Here are four specific ideas: 1. Services sector is the fastest growing sector of Indian economy. At the other end of the spectrum are an estimated million Micro-Small-Medium-Enterprises MSMEs who offer myriad services in services ranging from astrologers to accountants, caterers to car cleaners, yoga instructors to musical bands, flooring contractors to roof leak repairers, interior decorators to movers and packers.

Outsourcing by foreign companies is bound to continue because it is a business imperative.

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Most powerful engine of India's growth: Service MSMEs