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The faculty also houses a gallery and museum, the Ryerson Image Centre. It offers certificate programs, degree credit courses, and certificate and interest courses.

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There are a variety of reasons why staff resign; whether the person finds a higher paying job elsewhere or they have found a job more suitable to their skill set. After the two high-profile incidents, reporters may be more likely to see sexual assaults at York as news.

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The article would simply mention the intersection of the crime scene. Ryerson security staff. There were 39 results. What would you like staff and students to know about their new security director?

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Serving programs in both the undergraduate and graduate level, the undergraduate program is one of two accredited programs in Ontario recognized by the Ontario Professional Planning Institute. Clearly there were more than zero sexual assaults on or near those campuses. Eduardo Rodriguez was used to downtown living. George and Bloor [two downtown streets]… Imagine how the Toronto Star would cover such a story. When complete in Fall , the 29 storey complex will mix academic space, administrative offices, and 18 storeys of accommodation for students. I think it means they should be no more worried about sexual assaults at York than at U of T, Ryerson or anywhere else. Community safety is paramount, and our current model of staffing is finding it challenging to meet the needs of the Ryerson community. May Learn how and when to remove this template message On June 29, , the university announced the University Senate approved a Faculty of Science, the newest faculty at Ryerson University in approximately 40 years. When I searched for sexual assaults and other big city schools, I found the University of Ottawa associated with one and the University of Alberta with two. Everyone heard about it. So yes, the media have published many more stories about sexual assaults at York, despite it being in an statistically safer neighbourhood. The Ryerson community is very welcoming and supportive, which has made the transition an easy one. The faculty also houses a gallery and museum, the Ryerson Image Centre. It features seating areas, potted plants and is used for a weekly farmers market, student group sign-up days and festivities associated with Ryerson's week of welcome.
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Is the media fair to York University?