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Calculation of quick ratio 23 3. Fund flow statement considers both capital and revenue items.

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Accuracy of financial information f. I have great pleasure in thanking MR. The ratio helpful in deciding about their efficiency. Operating efficiency Yet another dimension of the usefulness of the ratio analysis, relevant from the view point of the management, is that it throws light on the degree of the efficiency in the management and utilization of its assets. They provide retail customers with the products they need during their lives to grow savings, manage investments and prepare for retirement with confidence. Although amounts found on these statements does not provide valuable insights of performance so ratio analysis is required for determining good or bad performance of bank and also for determining its causes. When deviations are taken from an assumed mean the formula is applicable. Secondary data is collected from published journals or magazines or reports. Asset turnover is a financial ratio that measures the efficiency of a company's use of its assets in generating sales revenue or sales income to the company. It compares three years financial statements of the company to know its performance in these different years. Financial statement analysis cannot be a substitute for judgment. The current ratio and quick ratio was at a satisfactory level for all financial years. The interpretation involves the explanation financial facts in a simplified manner. Running a bank is just difficult as analyzing it for investment purposes. Introduction 7 1.

An implication of this feature of the financial statement as regards ratio analysis is that assets acquired at different periods are, in effect, shown at different prices in the balance sheet, as they are not adjusted for changes in the price level.

Financial statements help the banker and lenders to decide whether to extend loans to the customers. The main advantage of common size statements is that a comparison of the performance and financial condition in respect of different units of the same industry can also be done.

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While steering the business through turbulent times, ING will execute efforts across all its business lines to strengthen customer confidence and meet their needs, preserve a strong capital position, further mitigate risks and bring its costs in line with revenue expectations. Profitability Ratios a. This is possible if an integrated view is taken and all the ratios are considered together. The ability of the customer to value quality, performance and the aesthetics of the products offered resulted in the group offering the First Table Top Wet Grinder. The various activity ratios measure this kind of operational efficiency. It is because these amounts are the results of the personal decisions of the management. Ratio of profit to total income b. The management can formulate its financial policies based on information gathered from the analysis of such statements. Before lending, these institutions like to see the projected fund flow statements which indicates ability or otherwise of the company to pay off the loan as per the terms of repayment. Based on past data b. The main aim of this study is to study the financial performance analysis of the company, forecasting is also done to determine the future trend of the sales and profit.

How was it possible to distribute dividends in excess of current earnings or in the presence of a net loss for the period? The following are different methods of transacting in foreign exchange and remitting money. It also has around 75, agent advisors.

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The study shows that reserves and surplus position is also remained satisfactory. Its purpose is to convey an understanding of some financial aspects of a business firm. The profitability ratios based on sales are an important indicator of the operational efficiency of manufacturing enterprise. The functions of Insurance will give you an idea on how to go ahead with the approach of insurance and what type of insurance to choose. Classification of ratio 1. Fund flow analysis 5. Where he will never again have to wait to be served. A 61, 83, 22, It compares three years financial statements of the company to know its performance in these different years. A sincere attempt has been made to include all the aspect relating to the study. The services are meant to take care of the business needs and also provide high degree of financial stability to the various corporate organizations and business sectors. It also means he get preferential rates on various banking products and other exclusive benefits. The ratio provides a margin of safety to the creditors. Financial analysis involves the use of financial statements.

A lower debt equity ratio implies that a company as a better capacity to meet in commitments. Cash flow statement is a statement which describes the inflow and outflow of cash and cash equivalents. The purpose of financial analysis is to diagnose the information contained in the financial statements so as to judge the profitability and financial soundness of the firm.

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Preparation of Fund Flow Statement: The changes which occurred in the current accounts as a result flow of fund are reflected in a statement known as schedule of changes in working capital.

In the present world of credit financing, it provides a useful information to bankers, creditors, financial, it provides a useful informations and government etc.

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Inthe bank completed its Diamond Jubilee year.

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