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It reigned in the alarming population growth and enhanced the quality of life of families in India. Condoms on account of its simplicity, safety and easy to use, not requiring any clinical services has been found to be well suited for even in the remote area. A revolution that eventually sparked off many a movement and idea, it brought quality healthcare and prosperity to the doorstep of millions. The Organization Studies research group focuses on interactions across individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions, as well as organizational processes themselves. Basis of accounting and preparation of financial statements With effect from 1st April , the revised Schedule VI notified under the Companies Act , has become applicable to the company for preparation and presentation of its financial statements. It includes item code, item name, details and specification, quantity etc. If it is satisfied then consider as vendor. As a condom-manufacturing company, HLL Lifecare started small, but dreamed big. Ayyappan joined HLL in Medical scheme is for 2 lakh rupees to the permanent staff.

Soon, HLL became the go-to brand for various contraceptives. A number of organizations worldwide have achieved and sustained excellence by effective production management.

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The members are from top management. There will be two operators in each shift. Human resource department 7.

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These include re-hydration salts, blood transfusion equipment and wound care products, blood banking equipment, neo-natal care equipment and, surgical and healthcare products.

And its monthly requirement is crores.

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HLL continues to make its mark by setting new goals and taking on challenges others often view as impossible. The engineering department authorizes study the problem depending on the nature of work. The government decided to start a contraceptive in public sector for the manufacture of condoms to the country. Use of estimates The preparation of the financial statements is in confirmity with Indian GAAP requires the [29] [30] Management to make estimates and assumptions considered in the reported amounts of assets and liabilities including contingent liabilities and the reported income and expenses during the year. The annual production capacity of blood bags at the factory stood at So salary is based on government prescription. As once various activity on some logical basifies are identified it is necessary to group them together on some logical basis. There is therefore growing interest in the impact of organization studies [3]. Unused Loose Tools are revalued every year taking into account the useful life of the tools and carried at the revalued cost. As a condom-manufacturing company, HLL Lifecare started small, but dreamed big. This study conducted at HLL life care limited Thiruvanathapuram.. Employment opportunities are provided to as many as 4 million people in the health care segment or other sectors catering to the health care industry in India in some way of other. Copper T 3. National scenario HLL is the only company in India to supply condoms to the world health organization for their projects worldwide.

For national programme HLL is today the largest manufactures of condoms in the country.

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