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This is a lot to ask a child to adjust to - especially when it was never the child's decision in the first place. However, adolescents can have a hard time with divorce, too. Remarriage can be especially painful if the parent who is getting remarried is not the parent the child lives with. On the other hand, girls have a greater tendency to develop severe behavioral problems 9. This situation can become worse if the child is looked after by a single parent with no access to the other parent. Published June American Sociological Review ; Distress among young adults from divorced families. Inform the child about your decision way before you arrive at it. The child spends quality time with parents: If the child is free to shuttle between the houses of his both parents, then he may spend fruitful time.

Another reason for this kind of downward spiral is that some households drop down to one income when parents get divorced, which puts the children in that household at a risk of living in poverty that is five times higher than that of children who live with both parents. For one thing, teenagers whose parents get divorced are more likely to abuse illicit substances, have sex, and get in trouble with the law.

The children also felt more distress related to the divorce and did not feel a sense of emotional support from their parents.

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Children who experience the divorce of their parents show a drastic drop in their school grades 6. Be patient with your child and try not to take things personally. And the results aren't good, even if the stigma of divorce has faded.

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Following are some of the immediate short-term effects of divorce on children: Sponsored Anxiety: The aftermath of a divorce causes the child to become tense, nervous, and anxious.

Of the children living in intact households, 3. She also noted that the time at which these children experienced divorce was in the s, when it wasn't as socially accepted as it is today.

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Understanding The Effects Of Divorce On Children