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Pretreatment of the rats with Mc. R showed antidyslipidemic effects in both triton WR and high fat diet-induced dyslipidemic rat models to variable extents. Rubiaceae is commonly known as Noni. Traditionally, it finds used as a therapeutic remedy to various diseases as an antibacterial, antitumor, anthelminthic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant. Control group was given normal diet served as normal control , untreated group given atherogenic diet atherogenic control and treated groups were given atherogenic diet plus drug administered orally. Also it has proved beneficial in conditions like gastritis, skin diseases, respiratory infections, menstrual and urinary tract disorders, fever, diabetes and venereal diseases. The plant extracts also caused significant reduction in the atherogenic index, which is considered a better indicator of coronary heart disease risk than individual lipoprotein concentration [ 27 ]. However, further studies are required to prove the safety and efficacy of Morinda citrifolia and its constituents in actual clinical settings. All the groups of animals had free access to water and diet.

Morinda citrifolia is reported to be rich in flavones [ 92122 ], which are known to inhibit lipid biosynthesis [ 23 ]. F, Mc. In this study we used different animal models to evaluate the possible mode of action s of antidyslipidemic effect of different parts of Morinda citrifolia.

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All the graphs, calculation and statistical analyses were performed using GraphPad Prism software version 4. R reduced gain in body weight with a reduction in daily diet consumption but Mc.

The rats were randomly divided into 8 groups, each containing 6 rats, 1 control group, 2 tritonized group untreated and treated groups with plant materials Mc.

R showed antidyslipidemic effects in both triton WR and high fat diet-induced dyslipidemic rat models to variable extents.

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L and Mc. The data are summarized in Table 4. Treatment of dyslipidemia reduces cardiovascular events [ 2 ]. Crude extract of various parts of plant and fruit juice are reported to contain amino acids, anthraquinones, fatty acids, flavonoids, iridoids, lignans, polysaccharides, sterols, sugars, terpenoids etc. However, failure of the Noni extracts to cause complete inhibition indicates the involvement of additional mechanisms. Pretreatment of the rats with Mc. Tyloxapol is a non-ionic surfactant being widely used to explore possible mechanism of lipid lowering drugs, it causes drastic increase in serum triglycerides and cholesterol levels due to increase in hepatic cholesterol synthesis particularly by the increase in HMG Co-A 3-hydroxymethyl-glutaryl Co-A activity [ 19 ] and by the inhibition of lipoprotein lipase responsible for hydrolysis of plasma lipids [ 20 ]. For this method test sample serum , standard and blank were pipetted using a micropipette in to eppendorf tube. Acute toxicity The test was performed as described earlier [ 18 ]. The data are summarized in Table 3. The leaves, fruits and roots were chopped and ground by hammer mill and passed through 20 mesh screen. Therefore, the objective of the present study was to investigate the antidyslipidemic effect of Morinda citrifolia in Triton WR and high fat diet-induced dyslipidemia rat models to rationalize its medicinal use in cardiovascular disorders.

High cholesterol diet induces endothelial dysfunction, atherosclerosis [ 24 ] and increases oxidative stress by increasing the expression of oxidation-sensitive genes, such as Elk-1 and p-CREB [ 25 ].

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Health Benefits of Morinda citrifolia (Noni): A Review