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Teenagers also like to brag about any new development in their life as it makes them feel superior to others. However, it is essential not to fall prey to it. They become restless and easily get irritated. You try to continue after that, but your phone buzzes again with an instant message. Meaning Since the introduction of cell phones to the world, the anomalous use of smart phones has been called into question whether its usage could lead to addiction. Students can make charts and graphs on their phones for class. It is true that the smart devices are convenient and easy to use, but if you want to break the habit of cell phone addiction, stop using your smartphone to play games or watch YouTube. Use these apps to work this out. I text people when I wake up all the way until I go to sleep. Symptoms Almost everyone in the world today owned a cell phone, so how can you tell if someone is suffering the cell phone addiction syndrome from someone who is not? Nearly every person in the world has a mobile phone at this moment, using the many advantages this technology provides us. They could limit the time of googling the internet to two hours a day and feel free in this time.

Maxwell Maltz, the author of the famous book, Psycho-Cybernetics suggests that for someone to acquire a new habit, he or she must adopt the new habit for at least 21 days before able to adjust to the new situation. It is hard not to get addicted to this power house of entertainment.

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Many people use cell phones as a means to escape life. People suffering from mobile addiction suffer from nomophobia which is the fear of being without or unable to use your mobile phone for some reason or the other.

The person becoming preoccupied with the addiction, spending a lot of time on watching and touching the phone should be aware of their level of addiction and need to be concerned about recovering from addictive behavior.

Conclusion Mobile addiction is more serious than what we think.

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Nomophobia You may have heard about hydrophobia, acrophobia and claustrophobia but have you heard of nomophobia?

Yet, as cell phones evolve over the years the world wasn 't exactly prepared for the iPhone when it was divulged in Now, with your phone with you, you may check updates from social media before you sleep, causing you to suffer sleep deprivation.

When you get back home from work, on the weekend and during vacation, turn off your work phone and only use your normal phone as a mean of contact.

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And like all other habits, the beginning is the most challenging and difficult because your brain is not used to the new habit and you will want to go back to the old one. However, if you serious about being productive and want to focus on your work, you should discipline yourself to do this.

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Martin Cooper. This happens not only to the teenagers, but adults have also suffered serious addiction to their smartphones. The next important thing is to stop downloading Application Software that may attract people to use the phone more. Human beings are motivated by reasons and purposes. Nomophobia You may have heard about hydrophobia, acrophobia and claustrophobia but have you heard of nomophobia? It is where the person who suffers the addiction spending more and more time on their phone. People in 21st century are using more time to play games instead of doing regular calling, most of them are teenagers, they are young and passion, once they are attacked by the new technology, they could no longer be controlled, going to deep to the mobile games would definitely harm you, the same as gambling and drug, they might lost the ability to pull themselves out. However, learning the negative effects of phones is an extremely important thing, especially when it comes to students. We can access and get information on the web with the phone no matter where we are. It can cause muscular degeneration and loss of vision. More specifically, 2.
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An essay on cell phone addiction.