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Insiri, Kounjairthong In the global market, many trade unions emerge to form negotiating and bargaining power across their market zone. Zhang, Shaosong Science and technology not only change life, but also change business models, with E-commerce being the best proof of this in recent years.

This study was Al Hinai, Marwa Ali Talib The University of Edinburgh, Since its introduction as term insocial marketing has undergone continuous developments. Olatunji, Adebowale Dublin Business School, Workplace diversity can be classified as one of the most significant trends in the business world.

Consequently, attracting and identifying individuals with the best skills and Thipphonephosy, Athikone Human resource management HRMirrespective of whether it is in a domestic or international context, is the most important function that every organisation must address.

The topic areas may refer to any relevant and contemporary management issue as seen from the international perspective: e.

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Using a sample of European banks, Li, Peggy Heng Wah The University of Edinburgh, The objective of this thesis is to investigate customer pattern across multiple time-series-segments of traditional and e-Business market channels in China.

The first study examines the enrolment of auditing during a series of Shenoy, Mysore Arjun Dublin Business School, The current research was performed to identify the issues and benefits of cloud computing adoption for the commercial real estate sector in India by collecting perspectives from real estate professionals.

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Vanphavong, Manilay Non-Profit Organisations NPOs are often perceived in an abstract manner because the organisations provide intangible products and social ideals.

As a result of this abstract perception, a sense of trust, especially with Venu, Vishnu Ourkolil Dublin Business School, The aim of the following study was to identify whether Corporate Social Responsibility CSR initiatives carried out by businesses in developing economy like India have an effect on its working results measured in terms

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Management and Marketing Dissertations and Theses