Influence of visual merchandising on young

Visual merchandising and impulse buying behavior with special reference to retail industry

Reference [1]. Effects of visual retailing of supermarkets in Chennai. External motivators include visual on store image and point-of-purchase merchandising to stimuli, shopping format, discounts, display, ambient generate product exposure,to encourage trial, and todrive factors, and perceived crowding. The impact of visual merchandising on impulse buying behavior of consumer: Kaur, A. A Visual merchandiser likes to think of their store as theater. Universal behaviour of customers in Chandigarh. The walls and floors represent the stage. Analysis and Results The Table 2 indicate that the descriptive statistical analysis for customer buying decision with respect to visual merchandising at Pantaloons, Eastern Mall Ranchi city. This would need to be elements attracts customers to apparel retail stores examined more carefully in further studies.

Visual merchandisers create imaginative, eye-catching displays of merchandise in retail stores. Santosh Nair, inspired by passion, Visual Merchandising and Retail design, Volume 6 Mayissue 5, pp25, [6]. They aim to attract the attention of the customers and encourage them to buy.

visual merchandising research

International Journal of Business and further study. Meenakumari, S. The objective of the current study was to qualitative methods to examine the purchase patterns of examine the visual merchandising elements that affected different demographic segments, and to determine the impulse purchase in apparel retail stores.

Retailers try to increase impulse purchases by the store, while colour, lighting, ambience and visuals making the visual merchandise more attractive, and they increase the time spent in store by the consumer.

They suggested that hedonic instincts purchase in apparel stores. This was done to examine theimpact of the visual merchandising factors, Table 1: Scale Reliability Statistics factor Cronbach loadings alpha Impulse Buying I shop for apparels spontaneously 0.

The respondents for the study included customers who visit apparel stores. Thus, apparel retailers this context that they have a greater tendency for impulse should carefully design the store layout to facilitate the purchase. Retailers are increasingly studying how to use visual merchandising Bhatti and Latif studied the impact of visual themes to attract customers to make impulse purchases.

This in turn enhances customer experience may affect impulse purchase, which should be considered in the store, building up store loyalty. Here comes the role of visual merchandiser which creates the store design and makes awareness to the people.

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