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The founders of Ace Indoor Golf have a combined experience of over 18 years in the indoor golf simulator industry. Within E6 Connect, golfers have the ability to create a profile and save data to their profile, accessible from any computer or device. We also intend to create a mobile app that will help golfers especially novices learn more about golfing and tip on how well to better their games. In generating capital for our driving range business, the bulk of it will be spent on overhead as well as some of the operating expenses, such as leasing a land for use which should be at least yards, also we intend to pay our employees and utility bills for at least a certain period of time till the business is able to sustain itself. Decide what type of facility you are opening and be consistent. Contact us if you are interested in using any of our systems for your company Golf Simulator Resellers Enjoy huge earnings and great markups by using our cameras and software for your system installations or just offering any of products for direct sale. Build a database of customers even if you keep it in Excel. People play indoor golf because they want to have fun. With an indoor golf business, the more that your simulators are being used, the more money you can bring in.

In addition to the free golf simulator plan, we are now including our personal financial planning spreadsheet to help you assess your financial goals. Family Entertainment is a highly profitable industry that has been growing rapidly over the past several years.

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Also new to the market is the functionality to play a peer-to-peer round of golf. Especially if you intend to offer additional services as well.

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The miniature golf course operates with only one person during the day and two or three people during peak hours. Most of the time, in dealing with customers looking to open an indoor facility, I will recommend starting small and growing the number of simulators as the business matures.

The size of your indoor golf facility can, and should be very flexible.

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We also intend to make sure we have affordable rates and packages for all our various customers. Be careful of how you bring a golf pro into your facility. An Untapped Market is Waiting In recent years, golf courses and country clubs have experienced declining memberships and fewer participants as course fees and equipment costs climb, and free time becomes scarcer. In the player preferences study, it was cited one of the top items in driving repeat visits. Ball speed and ball path direction are derived from the club tracking and ball launch angle is set to the club loft of the automatic club selected in the game software. There is a decent market for off-season golfers, who are mostly focused on game play, tournaments, entertainment and practise. Need actual charts? Leagues, tournaments and contests are the simplest way to get that coveted return customer. Indoor golf centers are typically open to the public. Before opening an indoor facility ask yourself realistically how many months of the year can you play golf outdoors?

Executive Summary The Business Sammy's is a Family Entertainment Center with a world class, natural looking miniature golf course acting as the initial anchor for other attractions to be added later.

Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy Marketing serves a dual purpose as it not only generates revenue for the company but also communicates the brand of the company for customers — both existing and potential.

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Business Plan in Door Golf Centre