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It drifts and ultimately sinks down in the deep.

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I am also good at drawing. List of Essays on Child Labour in English Essay on Child Labour — Essay 1 Words Introduction: Child Labour means indulging the children in arduous labour which affects their physical and mental development and exploiting their potential to grow up with dignity. It drifts and ultimately sinks down in the deep. It is the responsibility of government, social organization and society to address the issue for finding a permanent solution. Gender Discrimination: Girls are often prevented from going to school at a very low age. Sometimes, the non-availability of affordable education in the villages are a cause of child labour. My big purpose in life is to be a scientist. Does the job done affect their education and other childhood activities like playing? I am thankful to my parents, friends and school teachers for standing beside me in every step of life.

He has groomed me like himself. In this way, you will be able to express fully about your personality, your interests and your future goals. The present Government has revived this scheme in with the latest use of technology to register child labour complaints online. Ultimately, these little souls are pushed into extremely torturing and dangerous work conditions, such as prostitution, domestic helping, transport of drugs, etc.

They are forced to work as domestic help, brick kiln workers and bid rollers against their abilities and without seeking their consent.

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Physical Abuse: Such consistent threats keep the children in a frightening state of mind all the time. Parents from the vulnerable section required proper advice and counseling to make them understand the importance of education.

The children should be encouraged to speak up for themselves and say no to child labour. For instance, most of the laws are unable to dictate strict guidelines for the unorganized sectors. Regards, Sophia Like this post?

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You can also dance to different styles of music in this incredible place. The base of the age of fourteen years should be expanded to something like eighteen. Every citizen of India must know about it means its history, struggle, culture and other important things. I like working hard with dedication and sincerity. I myself am humble, kind, caring and courageous. These sample myself writing essays are detailed, with points and headings for all primary, high school or college students. Short speech on India, my home country, India, articles about India in China, articles about children in India, my Indian English speech, short Indian child labor on our country India, India Dream slogan, an article about easy India, Indian speech about children, my country's Indian article, my dream of Indian English articles, articles about Indian country in India, India, I I am proud to be an Indian article about my dream, a novel, a paper in India, India on my dreams, India in my dream, India in my dream, India in my dream, words Articles, articles on English in India, articles on Indian English in my dream, My country represents peace and freedom. My family include my sister my parents and grandfather. Essay on Child Labour — Essay 3 Words Child labour is a social issue in India and abroad where kids are exploited by organized and unorganized sectors of industry. A huge crowd of pilgrims and devotees come here to see and enjoy the beauty of famous places, temples and other world heritage sites in India. I never regard my failure as a curse rather an opportunity to improve and to improvise. We are like a happy family. My compatriots are the most brave people in the world. Physical Abuse: Such consistent threats keep the children in a frightening state of mind all the time. Citizens here are very polite and understanding in nature.

I myself feel lucky in that sense, being socialized under the shade and guidance of the most respected and loved fellows.

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