Hr practices of proctor and gamble

Procter and gamble compensation strategy

Schuler, R. Please see Diagram 1. By the number of females working as managers at group level increased from 25 to 42 percent. Beardwell and Claydon b define recruitment and selection as a process concerned with identifying, attracting and choosing suitable people to meet an organisations human resource requirements. Armstrong, Employees in this approach are only treated better if they play a central role in helping to achieve the organizations goals. Disadvantages y The building from within strategy may lead to a herd behaviour in the organisation everyone thinking the same which may hinder innovation. It has now grown to a substantial business and by it was ranked as the 8th largest organization by market capitalization. Coates, M.

These were two market leading, innovative ideas that were not introduced anywhere else in the industry. The company is able to customize its global products and brands according to the local preferences.

At the same time it is paramount to ensure that selection techniques used in screening applicants are largely linked to an accurate job description procedure.


Conclusion The process of recruiting and selecting employees has resulted into the stability of an organization since new and talented personnel are able to join the company. This inspires everything we do. It is a pen and paper test which takes place on-campus and lasts 65 minutes long. How effective is recruitment and selection in enabling organizations to achieve their strategic objectives. Graduate training and development strategies within the company. This enables them to get another perspective on how organizations are run. It first began as a soap and Candle Company that has expanded into six divisions with selling of baby wipes to batteries. Barney, cited in Way and Johnson These questions although very broad, once answered will enable an organisation to be efficient and effective in choosing the right people for the job.

Organizations must be global in order to succeed. Top officials of the company went for pre-placement talks at colleges. Provide feedback obtained from participants and relevant managers on the extent to which the induction process is meeting objectives A successful selection procedure gives way to vital aspect in the organization that of employee socialization.

Its products can be found in more than countries around the world. During the stay the new graduate recruits are provided with a conducive environment to ensure the develop both personally and professionally. By the number of females working as managers at group level increased from 25 to 42 percent.

In terms of compensation, each job description spells out the possible terms of compensation and benefits.

what aspects of p&gs hr practices are positioning the company well for international expansion

Resumes were scanned for promising candidates, including those students who had not signed up for interviews. Identify whether they have implemented strategies addressing the policy legal compliance to relevant legislations and its impact on diversity As evident in many organizations recruitment and selection procedures needs to comply with relevant legislation and guidance on equal opportunities.

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