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Second, they print money that we use as a currency in our country. Both of these court systems try criminal cases.

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People see a country that overcame many conflicts and is still trying to develop further, as much as possible. The goal to improve the recruiting and hiring process could ensure high-quality candidates. The system of American government and power is derived from the Constitution, but specifically based off the division of powers.

Local government levels connects to the federal system through the state processes of governing. As a result of the ever-increasing demands our government is forced to face, according to Professor Paul C.

It was originally intended to stop a fascist overthrow of the United States government. The federal government faces challenging obstacles each day, especially dealing with foreign personnel hacking into their confidential systems.

CO-7 Explain the policy-making process in the federal system. Equality — all individuals should be treated equally, morally, by law, and in their political voice.

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Federally-facilitated Marketplace: States which do not select either of the above options will default to a federally-facilitated program in which the federal DHHS assumes full responsibility… Words - Pages 2 Constitution: United States Constitution and Federal Powers Essay Type a compare and contrast essay that compares state and federal powers.

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