Euthanasia using ethical frameworks

Although it, too, excludes divine command, its theory states whatever you do, you create a universal law. In the literature, we can find another significant question: could the moral and ethical conduct be illegal, but the act to be in accordance with the law to be immoral 16?

For instance, most people don't blink at the thought of killing at all, their answer is an absolute "no, it's not okay--ever".

Types of euthanasia

When a physician determines that the patient suffers from an incurable disease, death becomes the inevitable outcome, and therefore, we cannot seek the cause of death in the medical treatment, but in the natural reasons. However, human life has a meaning only in a case when the brain is operational 24 , and from the times of Confucius, we have had philosophical thought that biological life has not more value of the man A comparative study. Shuriye A. Ethical and religious analysis on euthanasia. That is the debate. Furthermore, it is said that good palliative care can provide relief from suffering to patients and unlike euthanasia, should be the answer in modern medicine. As we can see, Nobody has a moral right to decide for another person whether his life is worth living or not, because, for one person his pain can be unbearable to the point that his life is of no value, while for others pain cannot be compared with the values of life.

Twelve physicians opted for the opposite response. Most central to this ethical problem is whether killing is okay. Belgrade: Dereta.

euthanasia debate

In a similar scenario, Jones stands to inherit a fortune should anything happen to his six-year-old cousin, and upon intending to drown his cousin, he witnesses his cousin drown on his own by accident and lets him die.

He illustrates this argument by making use of two hypothetical scenarios. We do agree that if someone murdered one of our loved ones, they, too, deserve to die, correct?

Physicians in Serbia are divided on this issue, but a group that considers ADE and PAS as ethically unacceptable is a bit more numerous.

the ethical perspective of euthanasia

Voluntary euthanasia can be passive, via removing life supporting service to hasten death, or active which is the physician assisted suicide of a terminally ill person via medicine that results in death. When someone is terminally ill and suffering immensely without hope for life; they should also be permitted to die.

Hampshire: Ashgate Publishing Limited. HEC Forum, — Overall, from the Table 1we can see that physicians were divided regarding the issue of the ethical acceptability of ADE.

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An Ethical Review of Euthanasia and Physician