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Through and through, Cory is similar to Ben. In scanning the poem line by line, its is easier to uncover meaning. Poetic words and metaphors create the imagery around the story. Money appears to be a key that unlocks happiness to people on the lower end of the financial spectrum Richard Cory was a wealthy man, admired and envied by those who consider themselves less fortunate than he. A distinguished figure said to have been the envy of everyone. It has been rumored that some people worshipped by the public eye are just regular people with regular problems, but honestly how big could their problems be? Though people try to resist envy, most succumb to it from time to time. We usually associate this concept with obtaining material things, such as cars or a fancy house. He was dressed nice from head to toe, clean and very thin. Whiting called Miles and asked him to come home to help take care of his ailing mother Robinson shows the importance of Richard Cory through the eyes of the person speaking who is a worker of the town. Robinson shares with his readers the anguish and recovery of the woman leaving him.

When you look at him it is implied that you are filled with envy and interest. Richard Cory was the envy of all who encountered him. Francine Whiting, who are the owners of the mill and most of the town. This can be shown by looking at the second line of the poem where it states, "we people on the pavement looked at him" line 2.

The narrator talks Richard Cory up by stating, he was "richer than a king," line 9 "admirably schooled," line 10 "we thought that he was everything to make us wish that we were in his place. The poem then keeps on describing Mr. He was alway quietly well-ordered and human when he talked.

Seemingly, Richard Cory was the model of success, dignity, and wealth. Through their own mental prejudices and exaggerations of reality, the people, by putting Cory on a higher level than them, also created a communication barrier that later pushed Richard to commit suicide Both are shunned from society neither having any real friends.

It relates the story of a wealthy man who is admired by many of his workers and the people in town. This sixteen line poem tells a lot about human irony.

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Grouping the authors together hardly seems relevant, at least not all of them.

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Analysis of Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson Essay