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He is the narrator. After knowing that there are still 6 children inside they ignore the danger warning and enter the flaming church. Tamanna Bhatia Ms. Three rings are on the hand of the Soc who beat Johnny.

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He also says that the Greasers and Socs have agreed to settle their turf war with a major rumble. The three boys are orphaned after a car accident kills their parents and Darry is left to provide for them. Dally is a great example of how no matter what your background is you can still commit an act of heroism. They go home. Throughout the book it shows you the development of him becoming more mature and how he handles life's challenges without his parents. Darry wins full custody of Ponyboy and Sodapop. They go through a hard experience from their actions that force them to do follow up actions in order to live they way they want to. They get to a church and this church starts the next big even in the book that effects Ponyboys change. Pony is asserting his independence. People do not have to save the world to be a hero, a small act of kindness still can take a courageous gesture like overcoming the differences between two people like Ponyboy and Randy did.

Hinton, Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally can be described as heroes because they are not afraid to step up, and help people. They both live in the city of Tulsa, one group on the Northside and one on the Southside.

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Pony tries to stand up for himself, but is not loud enough to. In the book The Outsiders, by S. Ponyboy whose two older brothers are Darry and Sodapop narrates the story. E Hinton three boys Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally are all greasers, and have had run-ins with the law. A bunch of socs get our and one of them is the one that hurt Johnny badly. Johnny is dying becasue of violence. Pony comes home late one night. One main reason why Ponyboy is a hero is that when school children are stuck in a fire Ponyboy runs in to rescue them. Hinton- 50 Darry hits Pony and Pony runs away. A hero is someone who is courageous with noble qualities that allow him to be admired by his peer and other people. They go home. This is something very special because Dally a criminal who has had many run-ins with the law, yet when given the choice he become a hero by rescuing Johnny. Overall Johnny is a hero because no mater how small or big the deed he committed was, Johnny saved and rescued people.

Things are rough all over. Soon afterwards he found himself being drowned in the fountain by the Socs.

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