Eighty years and more essay

Simon Hosack, of whom I shall have more to say in another chapter.

I saw at a glance the contemptible position I occupied and felt as if the last day had come, that I stood before the judgment seat and had heard the awful sentence pronounced, "Depart ye wicked into everlasting punishment. Reflecting back on his many lessons, Miller reframes success into the little things. What dignity it adds to a young girl's estimate of herself when some strong man makes her feel that in her hands rest his future peace and happiness! One memorable occasion in which our enthusiasm was kept at white heat for two hours I must try to describe, though words cannot do it justice, as it was pre-eminently a spectacular performance. Sister Madge would occasionally rush to the defense with an emphatic "Fudge for these laws, all made by men! In the absence of General Washington and his superior officer, he took the responsibility of firing into the Vulture, a suspicious looking British vessel that lay at anchor near the opposite bank of the Hudson River. Ironing on hot days in summer was a sore trial to all of us; but Miss Christie, being of an inventive turn of mind, soon taught us a short way out of it. He never grew weary of expounding principles to us and dissipating the fogs and mists that gather over young minds educated in an atmosphere of superstition. Though gentle and tender, he had such a dignified repose and reserve of manner that, as children, we regarded him with fear rather than affection.

I was so afraid, when you were pressed with questions, that the whole truth would come out and I be forced to stand in your place. The church, which was bare, with no furnace to warm us, no organ to gladden our hearts, no choir to lead our songs of praise in harmony, was sadly lacking in all attractions for the youthful mind.

Then they fled into a large pantry where stood several pans of milk. His love for us was unbounded and fully returned. However, with my brother-in-law's training in analysis and logic, we were a match for any of them.

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He had but little on earth to bequeath to anyone, but when the last scene in his life was ended, and his will was opened, sure enough there was a clause saying: "My Greek lexicon, Testament, and grammar, and four volumes of Scott's commentaries, I will to Elizabeth Cady.

They delighted in extracts from Shakespeare, especially from "The Taming of the Shrew," an admirable satire in itself on the old common law of England.

I did not hear the last of that voyage for a long time. However, if any boy was too rough or took advantage of a girl smaller than himself, he was promptly thrashed by his fellows. The stimulus of sex promotes alike a healthy condition of the intellectual and the moral faculties and gives to both a development they never can acquire alone. With all the progress medicine has made over the years we still have a pantheon of incurable diseases. I remember leaving grammar school for the vastness of Hamden High. Despite all the social and political upheavals we have been through the authorized educational methods throughout the civilized world remain, in my mind at least, archaic and stultifying. Finney, a pulpit orator, who, as a terrifier of human souls, proved himself the equal of Savonarola. The passenger cars were pulled up by a train, loaded with stones, descending the hill.

It was with such company and varied discussions on every possible phase of political, religious, and social life that I spent weeks every year.

When we drove into Albany, the first large city we had ever visited, we exclaimed, "Why, it's general training, here! These old Scotch Presbyterians were opposed to all innovations that would afford their people paths of flowery ease on the road to Heaven.

Eighty years and more essay

Accordingly I told Peter to saddle the toughest-mouthed, hardest-trotting carriage horse in the stable. He asked me that day if I would like to have, when he was gone, the old lexicon, Testament, and grammar that we had so often thumbed together.

We made frequent visits to the jail and became deeply concerned about the fate of the prisoners, who were greatly pleased with our expressions of sympathy and our gifts of cake and candy.

I taxed every power, hoping some day to hear my father say: "Well, a girl is as good as a boy, after all. Who can estimate the power of antenatal influences, or the child's surroundings in its earliest years, the effect of some passing word or sight on one, that makes no impression on another? Everything connected with death was then rendered inexpressibly dolorous. The thermometer in that latitude was often twenty degrees below zero, yet, bright and early, we would run downstairs in our bare feet over the cold floors to carry stockings, broom, etc. The book contains 3 essays, one of which is on aging and living a fulfilling life. Life is the teacher, not the Board of Education. Warm and affectionate, generous to a fault in giving and serving, he was soon a great favorite in the family, and gradually filled the void made in all our hearts by the loss of the brother and son. I shall never forget one incident that occasioned me much unhappiness. Perhaps the most comforting thing about growing old gracefully is the increasing ability not to take things too seriously. They all admired the jewelry and then began to, tease me with hypothetical cases of future ownership. We dashed around the room, calling to each other: "Oh, Kate, look here! After leaving school, until my marriage, I had the most pleasant years of my girlhood. For three years one boy kept his place at the head of the class, and I always stood next.

I teeter when I walk, I no longer drive, I look out the window," as winter birds perch on branches high above thick snowdrifts, as daylight weakens to twilight, scenes shift to his mother's last days in a nursing home, and the devastating blow of Jane's passing a year later.

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