Dorm pranks

Then visit your friend in their room and ask to use the bathroom. Was this page useful? Find a slew of goofy or embarrassing posters for example, extremely cheesy posters from the 80s of David Hasselhoff flexing without a shirt on and plaster them all over the person's side of the dorm as if they were the biggest Hasselhoff fan in history.

Remember, you may be on the receiving end of a similar prank yourself! Haunted Stereo Speakers Unplug the wires from the speakers to the sound source, but keep the speakers in place so that they appear to be still plugged into the person's stereo.

easy college pranks

You may want to save this one for a person who has a private dorm room. Real university flat covered in post it notes prank. These college guys turned their roommate's dorm into a giant ball pit in this funny prank! Position them so that when he wakes, dozens of smiling, plushy faces and beady plastic eyes will be staring at him.

Hilarious dorm room blocked door saran wrap prank.

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Harmless Dorm Pranks