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Airlines like Ryanair or Southwest in US are targeting to large customer base and not really emphasizing on the loyalty programs. Among these, web check-in is the most easy and convenient way [28]. Regular travelers of exclusive group might prefer special service like special booking and check-in procedures, which helps to generate more profit from the organizational viewpoint [23]. This is necessary because, that will let them be in competition in the fierce marketplace. In such a scenario, there is no personalized relationship between customer and business representative. Towards the end of the article, the managerial implications of the study will be considered. The business model of Air Berlin mainly targets for three groups of customers-business passengers, private individuals, and organizers of package holidays [10]. To help conduct the interviews, an interview protocol was used. Loyalty program was at first introduced by the American Airline in the year in the form of Frequent Flier Program [18].

There is a little existing research that has empirically tested the impact of the Internet on CRM which leads to customer loyalty. This reflects the increase of loyalty programs attracting frequent buyers for everything from food to clothing to entertainment.

Customer loyalty journal pdf

The whole study is based on secondary information. According to the information available in Air Berlin homepage, for a person there are special conditions to get membership in topbonus program. In case of service, switching of regular customer in this situation can result the company, high switching cost. The bonus miles received by each customer are valid for 36 months and the status miles are only valid for 12 consecutive months [36]. You can expand your exposure by finding questions asked by anyone, and answering them. The main aim of this paper is to identify what extends customer loyalty program work in customer retention, customer engagement, and revenue generation in airlines business taking example of Air Berlin. Through this program, the status members can collect double miles from their favorite route within Europe [37].

Beside these, in Air Berlin the disabled passengers and families with infants can pre-select the seat without any charges [26]. Be Consistent People associate others with their strongest personality traits.

To maintain the customer loyalty, top bonus program is a specific program adopted by Air Berlin.

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The results of these multiple case studies enabled us to refine the measures previously described in the literature review. The study is based on theories on relationship management and customer loyalty.

Klophaus also suggested that low cost air travel is the fastest growing segment in the case of European passenger segment. However, a revolution is occurring in business-to-business relationships as companies restructure their operations with trading partners Venkatraman, Berlin Group is ranked as the second largest Airline in Germany and has offered its service to The award miles or statue miles achieved by the member cannot be transferrable to another person or another member and is not possible to convert the miles into cash [38].

Methodology To analyze the customer loyalty program of Air Berlin, this paper adopts a single case study design.

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The repetitive customers might find it difficult to experience the same value from the other organizations.

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