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It's analytical. The most recent impetus to standardized testing was the Industrial Revolution and the movement to increased schooling where students were moved out of the work force and into schools. Income vs Test Scores Another reason I think it is unfair to admit someone on a standardized test grade is because of income. It's structured. How much knowledge we ought to have? There are other forms of standardized testing that are available other than multiple-choice questions, for example, essay writing. The data generated by testing can be organized according to established criteria or factors, such as ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and special needs. I believe that standardized exams should not be given to students and should not be used to determine the Benefits Of Standardized Tests? There are many reasons that this test should determine if you get into college or not, but there are also many reasons that refute this method of testing having anything to do with getting into college. Everyone deserves a chance to get into college. One of those reasons is that the test is biased. There are teachers who do teach students what they need to know to pass the test, but their students are still unprepared.

I absolutely was not aware of the reasoning or purpose of test. Booi, L. While the standardized tests are designed as benchmarks for a grade level to have met, they are problematic for the writing teacher in several ways.

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Teachers and students alike feel test stress. These are to be delivered in the same way to all students so that no students are advantaged or disadvantaged. As a student, in the process of achieving a Master 's degree in clinical psychology, it is essential to be aware of the reasons for certain tests, their reliability, and validity.

In order to fairly evaluate a student, grades, tests scores, and progress should all be considered. As several recent articles about the usefulness of standardized testing continue to be published, it is evident that the debate remains a common controversy.

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Whether the students know this information is the purpose of the exam, not whether the students can read. The last reason standardized testing seems unfair to me is the question of validity. I knew that I would not be receiving a letter grade on these test. As several recent articles about the usefulness of standardized testing continue to be published, it is evident that the debate remains a common controversy. Although the tests require students to retain information until the end of the semester, I believe it is wrong to allow …show more content… Classes become based on the tests and little else on the creativity of the students. The SAT, for example, is biased in the way that it requires your ability rather than your knowledge. It is given to students from P-K level to high school and also in many career entrances after college. Then they must engage in the time-consuming activity of reading the essays. The last standardization is time allotment. Testing can be found in all cultures. Is it our test scores or memorization of facts?
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The Disadvantages of Standardized Testing Essay