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The fort protected a trading post and a fishing station and was the first longer-term settlement in New England. Controlled by a Board of Directors. Spreading out[ edit ] The Puritans also established the American public school system for the express purpose of ensuring that future generations would be able to read the Bible for themselves, which was a central tenet of Puritan worship. The Southern Colonies could produce tobacco, rice, and indigo in exchange for imports, whereas New England's colonies could not offer much to England beyond fish, furs, and lumber. Military leader Benjamin Church spoke out against enslaving Indians in the summer of , describing the practice as "an action so hateful… that I opposed it to the loss of the good will and respect of some that before were my good friends. London Co. The tobacco also ruined the soil and new land was continually needed. Indentured servants were people who signed a contract of indenture requiring them to work for their Chesapeake masters for an average of five to seven years, in return for the cost of the Atlantic crossing. It changed hands multiple times throughout the 17th century among the English, French, and Dutch colonists.

This contributed to the demand for slave labor in the Southern colonies. Bay Travels to Rhode Island with her children and helps organize this settlement 28 Trouble in Bible Colony Puritan Rebels Roger Williams Roger Williams: extreme Separatist, denied right of civil government to govern religious behavior, challenged charter for illegally taking land from Indians Avoided exile to England by fleeing to Rhode Island where inaided by Indians, he started a colony in the Providence area Started the first Baptist church Allowed complete freedom of religion 29 New England Spreads Out Hartford Conn.

The Plymouth Company ships arrived at the mouth of the Kennebec River then called the Sagadahoc River in August where they established a settlement named Sagadahoc Colony, better known as Popham Colony see symbol "Po" on map to right to honor financial backer Sir John Popham.

Even with the small amount of capital needed for tobacco cultivation, former indentured servants at best became subsistence farmers, a class ripe for such calls to rebellion as those proposed by Nathaniel Bacon.

The settlers of New England came in families. Hired No Farmers!

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He has a military background! It was the dead of winter in January when Roger Williams was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony because of theological differences. Establish a structured government and were able to flourish and grow as a society.

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So, they became a political risk as well. Seized control of settlement in January of For a time they even shared the same chapel. This allowed the practice of any sect of Christianity.

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Major boundaries of Massachusetts Bay and neighboring colonial claims in the 17th and 18th centuries; modern state boundaries are partially overlaid for context The Puritans in England first sent smaller groups in the mids to establish colonies, buildings, and food supplies, learning from the Pilgrims' harsh experiences of winter in the Plymouth Colony. Those who came in families were able to build communities. Charles II encouraged religious toleration. They found a large Graveyard with only 38 survivors! Chesapeake society and economy. These differences were noticeable in social structure, economic outlook, and religious background. New England was a multi crop economy. Indian people are amazed! The economies of these two regions also aided in the enlargement of two separate societies. Orders opened upon arrival dictate John Smith as one of the leaders. Some developed into more egalitarian colonies and some not. The differentiating characteristics among the Chesapeake and New England colonies developed due to economy, religion, and motives for colonial expansion. This made slaves profitable because planters could rely not only on their labor but that of their children as well. Settlements of the Chesapeake region grew slowly due to diseases such as malaria. This colony, known as the Chesapeake Bay colony, was colonized and settled by the English men of Anglican Church beliefs.

The community was first named Newtown then renamed Hartford to honor the English town of Hertford. France, England, and other countries made several attempts to colonize New England early in the 17th century, and those nations were often in contention for lands in the New World.

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