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Some ideas of areas to look for strengths and weaknesses: Your art, products and services you create or provide The skill of the people in your organization this includes you! Keeping it visual can help My first business plan was a whopping page word document, which was a big mistake.

Stage play business plan

A business plan is simply a means of telling this story. Which trends are impacting your industry? The Espanola Way group marketing plan will be utilized, as well as our Greater Miami Convention and Visitor's Bureau membership, to help network and create awareness. MBIFF will be the last international film festival of the year, collecting the best of the best. What makes you stand out in the marketplace and insures that customers think of you first? Make sure you think of all commercial and strategic angles, but also make sure that any potential investor or partner can also read how inspired you are in making this business a reality. We revisit it and modify the assumptions accordingly. For one week a year the Cinematheque will be everywhere, not just at its intimate year 'round home. Seth is continuing to help on many levels. Throughout the year the Cinematheque will also be available as a supplemental space for all the local film festivals, as a hub and meeting place for information and activities such as panels, intimate screenings, and photography exhibitions related to the current festival. Mission The what, why, how and to whom for which your business exists Your mission guides your everyday business actions. The photographic gallery will have a strong alliance with the internationally known photography showcase. The key is getting the structure right from the get go, with a slide for each key component of your plan including business overview, target market, unique selling point USP , market conditions, marketing plan, competitor analysis and so on. Then test it with that most important constituency: the people who you believe will buy from you. Interior Designer Patrick Kennedy has taken a personal interest in the community project, and will be offering his creative talents to make the design outstanding and unique.

You will need to develop objectives for the major areas and initiatives in your business. What do you have to your advantage, to help you win customers?

Committees are being formed to organize and fill the areas of need. The Florida Room is a production entity that will be servicing the Cinematheque on an on-going basis.

art school business plan pdf

Start with your customers or the market segments you serve. These competitors may be in your neighborhood, city or town, country and now ever increasingly all over the world. What skills and experience do you bring to the business?

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