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Critics diverge in their efforts to understand the nature of the charge against him.

The metamorphosis deeper meaning

Although focusing on and told from Gregor's point of view and what is happening to him, don't be fooled though, this is actually a story about Grete Is this a judgment on Gregor from above or from within, or is it caused by some force whose will is unknown and unknowable? What are the charges? A metamorphosis is also the mental, social, and physical change that a person goes through. Bibliography Anderson, Mark, ed. At first he was the only working member of the family, and his job was very important; the whole future of Gregor and his family depended on it p. His friends are mainly business associates; his lover, awoman visited once a week. Are they incompetent, or are they simply ignorant underlings blindly administering a form of justice they themselves do not comprehend?

Is this further evidence of his rebellious nature or his own judgment of the shameful justice rendered by the court? His background is important in understanding his seeming detachment from his writing. If so, he could easily have been informed of that by any number of the officials he encounters.

The final scene is richly textured and enigmatic. Had Kafka realized these intentions, this work would have been unique in his fiction for its promise of hope and transcendence.

When K. This is how it is. The story begins with a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, waking to find himself transformed metamorphosed into a large, monstrous insect-like creature.

Frieda peacethe mistress of Klamm, represents domestic pleasure, the highest Earth has to offer. Unlike Joseph K. New York, When Rossmann is vilified and loses his job at the Hotel Occidental for his momentary lapse from duty, the reader is too keenly aware of the injustice, too eager to protest on his behalf.

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The hearing is alternately comic and maddening.

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Kafka: The Trial (Analysis)