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The vast majority of perpetrators were not dealt with by the criminal justice system. Other sectors that attracted significant investments were tourism, healthcare, business services and ICT.

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President: Paul Kagame Image copyright Getty Images Paul Kagame has run Rwanda since his rebel army ended the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in Nyakarundi is one of many Rwandan entrepreneurs who decided to return home for business after he graduated in computer science from Georgia State University in the United States in He added that President Paul Kagame's leadership has played a positive role in terms of the political stability the country has enjoyed since Fighting between the two ethnic groups continues intermittently over the next three decades. The economic growth that Rwanda has experienced was able to pull at least one million citizens out of poverty between and , according to the Rwandan Household Living Conditions Survey. Over the course of approximately days, between , and 1,, [48] Tutsi and politically moderate Hutu were killed in well-planned attacks on the orders of the interim government. In parliament elected him president. But local entrepreneurs still have a challenge when it comes to accessing capital and growing their business ideas into profitable ventures that will create more jobs and grow the economy. To his admirers he is a visionary leader, but to his critics he is a despot who tolerates no opposition.

Tell us what we've missed in the comments below and we'll move a selection above the line. The company has also grown its workforce from five to 60 people.

rwanda population 2019

According to the World Bank Doing Business index, Rwanda is the 29th easiest place to do business in the world - the only low-income country LIC in the top The country is not just creating a business-friendly environment but also diversifying the economy from being almost entirely dependent on agriculture to now being developing services and a growing manufacturing sector.

In parliament elected him president. In the s the Tutsi King Ruganzu Ndori subdues central Rwanda and outlying Hutu areas; by the late s it is a unified state until it becomes part of German East Africa in

rwanda population
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Demographics of Rwanda