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Over 12 weeks you can pick and choose your classes and BRUSH UP on your wine education, whilst having fun and meeting new wine-loving friends. For example, a more recent report by the National Council for Science and Education see Vincent et al.

Schools can integrate environmental education into their curricula with sufficient funding from EE policies. Furthermore, we argue, what makes up a sustainability degree and thus becomes institutionalized in society as legitimate sustainability knowledge, ought to be both coherent and suited to its purpose, as understood and developed in theoretical and practical work and discussed in sustainability literature.

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Specifically, CCE needs to help learners develop knowledge, skills and values and action to engage and learn about the causes, impact and management of climate change [12] Chang, Consequently, some training and background within this category are important for assessing unsustainable systems, collectively creating visions for future models of sustainability Wiek et al.

This approach would allow an assessment of whether sustainability in higher education is including the communication and strategic skills that are important for sustainability science, as well as bridging topics from natural and social sciences, which our disciplinary categorization system cannot capture.

The Conference laid out the role, objectives, and characteristics of environmental education, and provided several goals and principles for environmental education. The evaluation of this approach would require examination of the programs as a whole, including the progression of the program throughout the degree period and the actual teaching methods employed.

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This is all the more striking given that we considered several degree programs from one university Leeds University with similar requirements as separate programs for this analysis. Finally, it would also be useful to include an assessment of the teaching methods and approaches in the courses, particularly the interdisciplinary, applied, and research courses, to move beyond an analysis of what is being taught to understand how it is being taught.

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