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His destiny was now exile and opposition.

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At the center of the Newtonian innovations in natural philosophy was the argument that questions of body per se were either irrelevant to, or distracting from, a well focused natural science. One is the importance of skepticism, and the second is the importance of empirical science as a solvent to dogmatism and the pernicious authority it engenders. Voltaire was not happy about this, but his past experience at the wrong end of the law guided him on this occasion and he shifted his performances to his house in Lausanne. Read about the importance of reason in the Enlightenment. His possessions were confiscated and his two daughters were taken from his widow and were forced into Catholic convents. Newton pointed natural philosophy in a new direction. But Voltaire also contributed to philosophical libertinism and hedonism through his celebration of moral freedom through sexual liberty. The next year, it was published in French, landing Voltaire in hot water again.

All these tensions of course did not stop him writing and it is during his time in Potsdam that he produced an interesting little work that is probably the first piece of science fiction. They also studied history, focusing on people they thought had contributed to civilisation up to that point, and philosophy, in particular metaphysics.

In the Lettres philosophiques, Voltaire had suggested a more radical position with respect to human determinism, especially in his letter on Locke, which emphasized the materialist reading of the Lockean soul that was then a popular figure in radical philosophical discourse.

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Most of all, though, what I love about him as figure is his disrespect for authority and his genuine wish to see an end to tyranny and oppression. Philosophy was also a part of this mix, and during the Regency the young Voltaire was especially shaped by his contacts with the English aristocrat, freethinker,and Jacobite Lord Bolingbroke.

Voltaire was certainly no great contributor to the political economic science that Smith practiced, but he did contribute to the wider philosophical campaigns that made the concepts of liberty and hedonistic morality central to their work both widely known and more generally accepted.

Falling into the circle of duchess of Maine, he once again got himself into trouble by contributing to a libellous satirical poem ridiculing the prince regent Orleans, with whom the duchess had something of a feud. It was during his English period that Voltaire's transition into his mature philosophe identity began.

It may have its roots as an anagram or pun on his family name or several different nicknames.

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Harvard Classics, Vol. Having lost her when he was seven, he seems to have become an early rebel against family authority. As a consequence, he was opposed to democracy. It was a flop and only fragments of the text survive.

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Biography of Voltaire, French Enlightenment Writer